Snake's friendship with Fox

Fox snake one day become a friend of those days.

After a while, they came across a river going down the road. Of course, you need to cross the river. Snake, black snake that does not know swimming. Fox, she's welcome to spend the faces passing itself. I wrapped around your neck, so we go together he says.

This proposal would not want to roll very well known for good fox snake.

But they are faced with aggressive snake to move on. I swear oath. Fox gives a talk about not going to the damage, otherwise he himself will tell drowned.

The fox snake pitying despair;

- Come then snake brother! filled my neck, he says.

And it goes into the river. Yılanlıg the middle of the river keeps snakes and starts squeezing the neck of the fox.

Fox understands the seriousness of the situation;

-Don't Snake brother! This means that my female date every time .. okay, but we were both overwhelmed here you often. Patience! .. Let's get you to shore anyhow boynumd you. Do what you want there. At least you get away! ..

Proposal snake finds reasonable, albeit difficult to shore up the patient.

Fox comes along the shore;

- Snake brother I have a better suggestion. Even in death, they asked us to the final. Are you going to ask the last word?

- What's the final word? He asks the snake.

- Look snake brother, it was our friendship. How your hands if my last ...

Sabri depleted snake;

- Tell me I can not stand anymore, so the output.


-year Brothers, since we now have a way to leave here .. we even see. Let me give you a kiss on the cheek against my late like!

So not believe that the recent request of the victim agrees. Passing in front of the head increases.

With the legendary cunning fox, grab his head hit the ground as extending the snake.

Beli lengthy series of ground breaking snakes. The fox looked guiltily.


- Look, dude! he says. I do not want friends to such crooked .. you'll be right!

They tell a story like this ..

Snake becomes friends with a fox and a journey together. When they came to the edge of a river snake, fox:
- Fox sisters, I know how to swim. Also takes me back, let's go with the opposite shore, he says.
Fox accepts the proposal of friends. The snake wrapped the fox's back, he began to swim in the river and go. When they got to the shore against snake:
- Fox sisters, I will put you, deyiver. Fox surprised by what he suffered;
- Snake brothers, are we not friends with you? Look, I have a favor to you so much. I avoid doing my back would not pass the river, if so how much work it's no oral language snake and cast:
- This is my temperament. I had to put in production, he says. Thereupon, the fox stops for a moment, then the snake:
- So snake brother, he says. Sok, what the hell. This date every time my woman. Alone, in a defacık look closely at my face, I see those beautiful eyes one last time before she died.
These words of the serpent deceived, at the time of extending the head, fox standing on guard, immediately discarded, the koparıver the serpent's head. Then, the dead snake on the edge of the river, extends along the full length on the sand and says the friends who fall victim to their tricks:
- No snakes brother! I would not want to crooked friends! If you're going to be such a friend to me straight!

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