How so!

Age has taken its head lady they met two old friends on the way. They ask how people are doing.

Children have come to order.
"How's your boy, is he married?" He asked one,
"Marriage was," said the other, "married but oh, do not ask,
It turned out that a bride, disaster! ..

"Morning trying to evening,
proper food is not cooked at home,
When my son was tired pişirttiriy food.

Sometimes even the son preparing breakfast.
What sewing, nor ironing.
He found a woman, all her work is yaptırtıy.
The house sits like princesses,
does not do anything special for my son, I'm sorry, too ... "

"Oh, woe," said the friend, "How many girls, is he married?" ...

"He was married," said the friend,
"But he is very happy, it's a good groom,
not dismantle my daughter's hand in warm water, cold water.
Very tired because my daughter works most evenings,
They cook meals together, sometimes even prepares my son.
Do you believe it will take a good breakfast on my daughter's bed children's holidays.

They found a woman's house all the work he is doing,
My daughter does not get tired at all at home, sitting as princesses,
He does not expect her husband to work, I'm very pleased, Çooookkkk "

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