Kandil Nights

In our country, night lamp at night, according to the calendar, known as rankings; Rebiülevvel the 12th night of the month of Mawlid, the first Friday night of the month of Recep regaip, still night in the month of Rajab 27. Ascension, the 15th night of Sha'ban and Ramadan 27th night of Berat is the Night of Power.

This night, the Ottoman era II. Selim (1566-1574), starting from the time of the burning candle in the minarets duyurulup celebrated "Qandil" began to be called. [1]

This given information on the history of religion in our study lamp will be put out to view them.

1. Qadr

The Night of Power regarding the Holy Koran surahs are detached. During this time Almighty Allah, the Koran Kadir night and reported that the download is better than a thousand months tonight. Al-Baqarah verse 185 of surah of the Night of Power is downloaded to the declaration in which the Qur'an in Ramadan Ramadan is understood clearly. But there is no conclusive evidence that it is the 27th night of Ramadan. Considering the hadith about the Night of the Prophet. Prophet's advice to believers, Night of the last ten days of Ramadan and in particular in the form of calls in one night. [2] Accordingly, Kadir Night of Ramadan twenty-one, twenty-three, twenty-five, can be any of the twenty-seven or twenty-ninth night. So Kadir night, as the Muslims in our time to try to revive the proverbial night is not fixed, but rather is hidden. As understood from the authentic traditions on the subject even did not know that the Messenger of Allah MATCH night of Ramadan Night of Power is! [3]

Evaluation of Kadir night / revival related Hz. A prayer is not recommended except for any worship the Prophet. But Aisha Radiyallahu anhâ'n reported that the Messenger of Allah, he would rather worship in Ramadan than other months. The increase slightly the last ten days of worship, would revive at night, wake his family for the night was to revive. [4]

One day the Prophet. Aisha, Messenger of Allah: "O Allah's Messenger! I know which night is the Night of Honor that night, let me how to pray? "He asked, he said:" Read the following prayer "has commanded:

اللهم إنك عفو كريم تحب العفو فاعف عني

"My God! You are forgiving, generous. You love to pardon. Forgive me. "[5]

2. Charter Night / Kandil

Berat "there is no escape from any obligation or liability of the person", which means that more Turkish is a form of the Arabic word Beraia-acquitted. God's forgiveness of Muslims in the fifteenth night of the month of Sha'ban and hoped to be rid of the burden of sin and forgiveness was called to night tonight Charter. [6]

With regard to the merits of the charter night Hz. There are several narrations of the Prophet reportedly transported. One of them is in God's will is manifested to the earth on this night, Kelber tribe put their hair many copies of (multiplicity used to denote a phrase) to forgive people and describes how to accept all the prayers that were to him. [7] But that in the narrative of the book of Imam Tirmidhi (d . 279/892) and his teacher Imam Bukhari (d. 256/870), many scholars in particular, that the problems in the chain of this hadith narrated, and therefore can not be stated that the hadith is weak and act with them. [8]

Sun on the merits of the charter night-i-Majah, Ibn there are two narrations. [9] Hadith scholars narrated in those "poor" they said. [10]

Commentators of Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi (d. 543/1148), a single sound hadith about the virtues of the night that did not even come, because with said that should not have this issue as the words in the hadith he wandering about. [11]

Indeed the Prophet. And the Companions of the Prophet's mosque in which they collected rent-i to enliven the night, special prayers which they, as a single narrative that makes this special night prayers especially as our country has not even today.

Some said the Ad-Dukhan surah: "He divided command of all wisdom in the night and sent to about an order of our times." (Ad-Dukhan, 44 / 4-5) looking at the verse that is the fifteenth night of Sha'ban night have said that Berat night. On this basis, the God of the division servant of the sustenance that night, determination of death and it will be up to fifteen months next Saban that all events will, therefore, have claimed to be considered necessarily of prayer and worship which will be held tonight. Thus the Prophet. The Prophet and his companions did not do, has emerged a number of worship tonight. Whereas that Allah has said in Surah:

"Ha Mim. And verily We have sent down clear that we book a night blessed him. Because we are warning. That night every wise command is separated and sent to about an order of our times. "(Ad-Dukhan, 44 / 1-5)

As we have seen God reveals that the night is the night that the partitioning of jobs Quran downloaded. The Qur'an also Sha'ban them not five; It was revealed during Ramadan and the Night of Power is clearly stated in the following verse:

"Ramadan in guiding the people that month, the right and the separation of the right curve is reduced as clear evidence of the Qur'an." (Al-Baqarah, 2/185)

"Surely we have revealed the Quran Kadir night." (Kadir, 97/1)

The majority of scholars in the Ad-Dukhan last time "blessed night" have said that the magnitude of the night. Abu Bakr Ibn al-Arabi has said in this regard:

"The Night of the blessed night is not in this verse claiming on another night, they found a large slander God!" [12]

And among the public in connection with Charter Night "Berat night prayer" IVEA "Salâtu'l-No" it is mentioned a prayer known as. 100 genuflections that is said to need to read this prayer every genuflections in the Prologue and ten times Ihlas period. [13] "There is no specific prayer of Berat night claimed that resource. Ghazzali, after Al-Fatiha tonight in every genuflections to be made ​​by eleven Ihlas to read a hundred genuflections or any genuflections in the Fatiha after yüzihlâs read them rakats much reward is that on a rumor, although it conveys (Ihya, 1/203), Ihya-u Ulûmi'd-religion wherein the hadith holding subject to criticism Zeynüd did al-Iraq Nawawi of its original They say that. Nawawi noted that this prayer is a bid'ah, in this regard Kûtü'l-hut and Ihya-u Ulûmi'd-religion 'also say that one should not aldanıl last rumor (al-magazine', 4/56), Ali al-Qari these stating that he fabricated the rumor Berat night prayer. 400 (m. 1010) notes that occur after years in Jerusalem. H for the first time this prayer. 448 (m. 1056) in the Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem, and he made ​​the winning time, a rumor spread that he be regarded as circumcision is also transmitted. "[14]

3. Candles are regaip and Ascension

Both lamps Minister month celebrated on Ascension and the proposed regaip and things that should be celebrated, there is no evidence of this night. Especially in the mystical works of the Prophet. Prophet has fallen into the womb of regaip night (!), The month of Rajab first Thursday of fasting and night of making a prayer with regaip prayer name that reward, and that night the rumor that the direction in which the many virtues of "unfounded" by that hadith scholar stated. [15]

And among the people "three months", known as Recep Şa'b and the rumor about Ramadan months, "Rexhepi is the month of Allah, Şa'b that my moon, Ramadan is the month of my people." Many of the scholars about the word "this is fitting," he said . Also still on the virtues of the month of Rajab: "Whoever prayed so far that month awarded him the reward that much, whoever is forgiveness that month is given to him so far reward." As the hadith he narrated the words all is exaggeration, they were disavowed by scholars. [16 ] In particular, the rumors about the famous regaip night prayer among the people regarding the regaip, 1023 (v. 414) who died in 'Ali b. Abdullah b. Cehdâm is Meccan that established the Sufi one person / forward is stated in the sources that interest. [17] In still source of private worship and celebration on the regaip night AH 5th century (Gregorian 11th century) revealed that out and for the first time AH tonight 448 (m. 1056) In Jerusalem, 480 (m. 1087) year in Baghdad, "candle" is drawn attention as a celebration. [18]

"A large part of the Prophet Islamic scholars. Prophet, the Companions and of course the period is not known regaip candles, oil lamps at night that arise under the influence of other religions kutlanmasının, so religion is making a special prayer on this night will mean new worship establishment, the prohibition of the usurpers in general by Rasul-i Ekrem, as well as on Friday and the night of a private prohibited the construction of worship [19], therefore regaip day and stated that it is inconvenient to do with religious worship in certain night. "[20]

Recep alone and should be said a few words about Şa'bân months Recep bear "four forbidden months" is one from. Dhil others, are Dhul-Hijjah and Muharram month. It has become unlawful to fight in these months. There is therefore a virtue compared to the other months this month. Scholars have said that müstehab fasting in this month. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi blessings and his companions-ı rent "especially" not conveyed any authentic narrations about the virtues of fasting this month.

As for the month Şa'bân: According to Sahih narrated from the Prophet. After the Prophet fasted the month of Ramadan is the month that most Şa'bân months. [21] Companions of Osama b. Zaid (d. 54/674) has a hadith narrated as follows:

"The Prophet was fasting in any month as he held fast Şa'bân. Him: "O Messenger of Allah! You, to keep you in the month of fasting that I have not seen Şa'bân hold another month, "I said. He said:

"Shaaban, where unwary people between Rajab and Ramadan with deeds of God, the Lord of the Worlds' is a rising moon. I love the increase in amelia 's when I was fasting to Almighty God. "[22]

Then the Prophet's fasting in this month. One can easily say that the Prophet was a nice circumcision.

4. Mawlid

"Birthplace" and "the time of birth" means Mawlid the Prophet. As it says the Prophet's birthday celebration is the common name also penned works to be read in this celebration. Prophet. Prophets, obeys Allah, any instance of a celebration of the Umayyad and Abbasid uncommon Mawlid period, first emigrated from Egypt about three hundred and fifty years later, was celebrated during the Shiite Fatimid State. [23]

Ayyubid period raised many ceremonies and festivals; but you Muzafferuddin they Arbil Atabeg the Begteginl mainly of Mawlid celebration Kökbör (d. 629/1232) began to be celebrated again by the big ceremony. [24] Fatimid era, the celebrations more state officials in is when the picture quality Kökbör during the celebrations to ensuring the participation of the people, great tertiplenerek banquets and feasts were blown almost a festive mood. Muzafferuddin Kökböri behind this celebration of the Sufi restart Mosul Umar b. It is reported that Muhammad al-Mella found. [25]

Prophet. Prophet's birthday is the day / night any evidence for the worship celebrated with a number is not available.

The Poet Abu al-Maqdisi, Şehabeddin hand-Kastallânî, Ibn Hajar al-Askalânî and Celâleddin some scholars, such as al-Suyûtî Hz. Prophet Mani delighted with the reason for coming to the world, of helping the needy with this day occasion, poetry (like mawlid), saying that it was a beautiful and deeds of reading, such Mawlid celebration of "innovations-i hasena" (nice innovations) numbers have told him not to. Maliki jurist Ibn al-Hajj al-Abdera, Umar b. Ali al-Lahm hand-Fâkihânî, Ibn Taymiyyah, Muhammad Abduh Aziz Ibn Baz and Hammud b. The scholars like Abdillahi et-Tuveycîrî to celebrate Mawlid "Sayyida innovations-i to" (bad Innovation) have looked upon and are out strongly against it. [26]


Prophet. The Prophet and the Companions of the lease term görülmeyip non deeds with it, even a unique and welcome the opinions and deeds and worship out later though it is not from Islam, circumcision behavior contrary to bid at 'the statement said.

The Messenger of Allah without any evidence about religion in such situations arise later on and said:

"Jobs later introduced the worst are those / out those removed." [27]

"Everything that has been subsequently introduced innovations" [28]

"It is misguided usurpers, every misguidance is in the fire." [29]

Remembering the saying of Imam Malik on the issue also has big benefits:

"Who in this ummah (the name of religion) is not something you establish in the past (if it occurs) this person Hz. Prophet's prophethood given to him by God (embassy) would have claimed had betrayed the task. Because God Almighty "... Today I have perfected your religion; I completed my favor upon you that. We saw fit to Islam as a religion ... "(Al-Maidah, 5/3) has revealed. So, that day, no religion (including no religion) religion can not be anything today! "[30]

It may be concluded as follows:

In the Qur'an, the Sunnah yoktur.mübarek adopted today point to candles as it is celebrated by the masses at night this night, Hz. Long after the Prophet and his companions (at the earliest after 350 years!) And began to be celebrated in Jerusalem Egypt, then spread to various parts of the Islamic world.

This celebration is not a recommendation or an order of Islam. Muslims were revealed by society and a "tradition" has become. II of the Ottoman sultans. Since Selim during the 'lamp' by the Muslim name of the Ascension that night, Regaib to have been revived through various activities such as mevlüt. Each community celebrating Fitr night added something from their own culture and tradition so this night. Muslims worship what is known of what that tradition is of course essential.

PUBLISHED LOCATION: Book and Wisdom Magazine April-June 2015 Issue 9, pp 18-22.

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